DEVA Outlet

DEVA Outlet

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This sleek seat is tailored for MTB use as it offers superior comfort and positioning as you pedal from the gravel forest paths to the top of the mountain slopes with precision.
Prepared to go the extra mile, this stunning saddle features a hard-wearing microfibre cover construction.
This makes it more than capable of withstanding all the sudden knocks and jolts which come with exploring unpredictable off-road terrains.
Easy to transition on and off, it uses a short nose and generous padding to keep you stable and in control during tricky trail sections.
Originally developed to suit the female form, this reliable component is also a favourite for male riders due to its strong and supportive build.


Cover Material: Microfibre
Shell: Flex-Tuned
Rail Material: CrMo
Padding: HLX and Gel Padding
Use: MTB, Gravel, Cross Country
Dimensions: 145x260mm
Weight: 275g (approx)