L04C Disc Brake Pads

L04C Disc Brake Pads

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Shimano L04C brake pads - with Ice Tech cooling fins for flat mount

The Shimano L04C brake pads for flat mount Road disc brakes inspire with their enormously high braking performance in dry and wet conditions. This is due to the Ice-Tech design with cooling fins, which optimise heat dissipation and counteract fading. The durability, modulation and even the low noise level of this metallic brake pad on an aluminium backing plate are simply harmonious.

When your brake pads get worn, replace them with the Shimano L04C Disc Brake Pads - Alloy Backed with Cooling Fins (Sintered); a genuine Shimano replacement part. These pads are suitable for use with Shimano BR-RS805 and BR-RS505 calipers and the pack contains one pair of replacement pads.

The sintered pad offers exceptional braking in all weather conditions, so even when it is pouring with rain you can brake with confidence. The alloy backing plate has excellent heat conductivity so heat is conducted away from the pad and the Shimano Ice Tech cooling fins dissipate the heat.