Tech-Ride Sock
Tech-Ride Sock
Tech-Ride Sock
Tech-Ride Sock
Redburn Design

Tech-Ride Sock

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The new Redburn Design Tech Socks provide a compression fit whilst also offering enhanced ventilation. Providing you with socks that don't just look great, but feel great!

Designed specifically for cycling, they marry technical DryTex Comfort fabrics with functional shape and fit making them perfect for long rides in all weather conditions. 

DryTex Comfort®

 When core body temperature rises, it perspires in order to dissipate the increase in heat. The structure of DRYTEX COMFORT yarn fibres is specifically designed to expel moisture and keep the skin cool and dry.

Its main properties include:

  • Moisture expulsion.
  • Breathable.
  • Soft, natural feel.
  • Shrink resistance.
  • Reduced wear and tear.
  • Fade resistance.
  • Dimensional stability.

Fabrics created with DRYTEX COMFORT are dimensionally stable, easy to dye, with moisture transport properties to keep the body cool and dry.

Size long.

Size Suitable for 6-12