Cycle to Work Scheme

Now Available

Save money and spread the costs on your FUSTLE GR1 and accessories today through the governments Cycle to Work scheme.

What is the Cycle to Work Scheme?

To us Cycle to Work means 'New Bike Day' with new accessories whilst also saving money in the process. Not to mention getting to cut out the daily struggles of traffic! Sound good?

So although the Cycle to Work scheme is primarily designed for commuting, it also gives the opportunity to purchase a bike that can be enjoyed just as much on the weekends as the weekdays. This scheme is for anyone who is keen on riding bikes or even looking for their first bike and looking to gain the advantages of commuting by bicycle and having their employer support them whilst saving on tax, national insurance and spreading out the costs.

By taking part in the Cycle to Work Scheme you are able to save up to 42% on your choice of equipment, whether its a shiny new GR1.1 to get you to the office or your local Coffee shop, new pedals to hammer the watts through, a fender to help keep you dry or even a water bottle and cage. You're pretty much covered!

With employers now able to provide a Cycle to Work package of over £1000 thanks to new Government Guidance, there hasn't been a better time to get involved.

We currently deal with four different providers but if you have a scheme who isn't listed below please do get in touch and we can see about getting in touch with them.

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