When we asked our videographer Sandy to come up with a cool video to show the capabilities of our bikes, we certainly didn't expect denim shirts with pop open buttons... 

The idea behind Graviator with Sandy Plenty.

Working for Fustle is great as creativity is embraced and restrictions are few, as a film maker this notion is music to my ears. I remember when I called Alastair with this film idea:

Me: Hey man I have a storyboard in my mind for a short film.

Ali: Go on bud.

Me: Well it involves a rider in denim thrashing around the countryside in search of premium gravel.

Ali: ooooooooooook… [big pause] 

Me: [awkward silence] dude trust me it will be fun.

Ali: [nervous laugh] 

Me: man your gonna love it.

The whole idea of being in search of perfect ‘grav’ is us not taking things too seriously, I needed a theme to drop this idea into. Then Gladiator popped into my mind, was this too cheesy? I asked myself. Not if we had a laugh with it - the voice in my head told me. Graviator was filmed and edited up on the Stiperstones, A rocky hillside nestled amongst the Shropshire hills.

The ring was borrowed from my partner and Toby’s denim shirt is what he rides in anyway. So not much wardrobe needed on this shoot. I do love an epic shoot with lot’s of cinematic shots and serious riding scenes, but having the chance to have a laugh is the fun side behind Fustle. 

Thanks for watching & I hope you enjoy your next ride. Maybe undo your shirt and let it flap in the wind like a cape!