Better known in the 1970's for its cheap polyester shirts and generic plastic toys...

Those days are now long gone, and Taiwan has more recently cemented itself as the manufacturing capital of the cycling world with a reputation for Research and Development, Technology and Innovation.

We are lucky enough to work with some of the best manufacturers in Taiwan to develop our frame sets and provide the best foundation for any custom build.

Frame Manufacturing Process

After the design is complete, our manufacturing partner starts the process of producing each frame by hand before preparing it for paint.

Material Preparation

For an aluminium frame, each tube is butted to specified wall thickness, mechanically shaped to our specification, and then mitred for a seamless fit with the rest of the parts on the assembly. 


An experienced team of welders who specialise in Alunimum frames then tack each frame together and weld them by hand to our specification. We have chosen to use a 'smooth weld' or 'double weld' around the front triangle which spreads the weld across a larger surface area and improves the overall aesthetics. 


Each frame goes through both T4 and T6 heat treatment after welding, and is checked for alignment throughout this process.

This is to ensure that every frame is straight and free from any warping that may have occurred as it was exposed to the high temperatures.

Priming and Painting

Every frame and fork are throughouly cleaned prior to entering the paint booth. Our suppliers operate a clean room environment to ensure that dust particles and contaminants are left outside and don't make their way into the paint finish on our bikes.

Blemish Repair

We want every frame to be perfect when it arrives with you, so we insist on multiple quality checks throughout the painting and decal process to ensure that every surface is smooth and free from defect before dispatch.

Decal Application

Our frames use a water-slide decal pack which is applied after the clear coat has been applied. This provides a textured finish, and ensures that the paint is totally protected under the lacquer with maximum adhesion to the frame and fork.

Ready to build

After we receive each frame kit, they go through an additional internal QC check and then go live on our website ready to build.

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