As we approach the end of the summer of 2023, it marks a milestone in the life span of FUSTLE.

We launched in 2019 as a small family run brand, with big ideas, but an even bigger challenge ahead of us, although we didn't know it at the time.  We have learned a lot, we have had some great luck along the way, and some poor luck at the same time, but our customers have remained as fantastic as we could ever hoped for.  What we have learned in the last 3 or so years is that we thrive when we make products that people don't know they need, and for MY2024 we have taken this approach exactly. 

Gone are the huge variety of custom build options. Gone are the similar looking specifications that only service to cause confusion amongst our potential new customers. 

Here to stay is our proven and award winning Causeway GR1.1 frame and fork kit. We are yet to find a way to make significant improvements to this chassis (and we have tried, with multiple prototypes that are unlikely to make the light of day) so we decided to continue with this chassis and focus our efforts at refining the component choices to really maximise the experience of riding one of our bikes. 

What we have done is split our bike range into 2 very clear categories, and then offered 2 spec levels and 2 price points within those. 

We have chosen specifications that we feel make the bikes unique and considered for their specific purpose, and feel the latest developments in technology have only served to enable us to refine these products exactly the way we have wanted to for some time. 

Where it all started for FUSTLE with our award winning gravity inspired gravel bikes, the Trail builds utilise the very latest Shimano 1x12 groupset, offering a wide enough range to get up into the mountains, and all the MTB tech to keep your chain in place no matter how excited you get on the way back down. 

All of our backroad bikes make use of the very latest Shimano GRX 2x12 group-sets, and are designed for those riders who thrive on endless fire-road adventures, bike packing expeditions and even serves well as your brand new winter road bike given half the chance. 

A refined build kit with lower rolling resistance tyre choices, and proven wide flared cockpit, make these models the ultimate go to gravel bike for anyone with a background or an appetite for riding. 



Feel equiped for anything with our backroad build options. From a huge range of gearing, to a fast rolling, lightweight wheelset, this is for true adventure seekers.