(Written by Connor McCullough) 

A number of years ago, myself and my friend Steve took a trip to the island of Islay, in the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. That trip was before either of us were really into camping or cycling that much so it was very new to us. Ever since that trip we said they we would come back and explore the island some more. Fast forward about 6 years to May 2023, and we finally have organised that trip again. 6 years on we are also now both much more experience cyclists and campers and hopefully a bit more prepared for this trip. While I’m not (yet) a Fustle bike owner, the guys at Fustle very kindly let me borrow one of their demo bikes for the trip.

We didn’t really have any specific plans for the trip other than to get the boat from Ballycastle to Islay, cycle across Islay, get the boat to Jura, explore some of Jura, cycle to Craighouse, then get the ferry back to Islay and explore some of Islay.

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What a day it was for our inaugural Fustle Family Ride Out! To say we were a little overwhelmed to see so many bikes roll up to our headquarters in Bangor, Northern Ireland would be an understatement. After several months, we finally managed to get a date in our calendar for a ride out and extended the invite to local customers who fancied joining us. 


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