There is nothing more frustrating that heading out on a ride only to discover 50 meters in that something is rattling on your bike. It can often be nothing to worry about, but it's always better to stop and try to diagnose the issue before continuing your ride. In this video, we offer a couple of simple checks that can be completed on the side of the trail and will hopefully help to diagnose the issue allowing you to fix it and continue with your ride. If you have discovered a noise or problem with your bike and spent endless hours trying to diagnose it, tell us about it in the comments below. Hopefully this offers some helpful hints and learning to our viewers that might just help save your next ride if something were to go wrong. If you don't feel confident in diagnosing the issue or are unable to find the cause, we always recommend seeking advice from an experienced and qualified bicycle mechanic to ensure the issue can be fixed without any risk of failure.

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