What does FUSTLE mean?

FUSTLE [fuh - sul]

noun, plural Fustle.

 1) one particular variety of ruminant mammal of the genus offroadus, of the family cycledo, closely related to the sheep, native to the hills of county down, and exclusive to the shores of Northern Ireland. 

2) material made from the fleece of these animals, rich in hydrophobic properties.


The lesser spotted Fustle has been seldom observed by the naked eye, yet is known to live in large herds and breaks cover only to seek for sustenance during the midnight hours.

Prone to mountainous areas, it favours the natural surroundings of the causeway coast of Ireland, where legend states that it hydrates from the river Bush, upstream of the infamous Bushmills Whiskey distillery. 

This could be true... or it could just be a name that we liked the sound of and that our children were able to pronounce when we were brainstorming over a bottle of wine one evening. 

Either way, if you're out on a ride on an undiscovered trail and you see a hoof print that you don't quit recognise.....


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