Sizing and Fit

Finding the right size bike is more difficult than it sounds when ordering a new bike online. 

With so many options to choose from in terms of spec, wheel size, handlebar width, as well as 4 frame sizes to consider, we wanted to try and offer some additional information to help you determine the best fit for your body and riding preference. 

Of course, if you cant identify the right size straight away, our customer service team are well trained and happy to help, so just send through an email with your query to

First off, you need to find the right frame size. 

1) Check your overall height (in cm or inches). This will give you a good starting point. You may find that you are in between sizes for your given height, so we would suggest cross referencing with another measurement. 

2) Check your inside leg measurement. Paired with your overall height, this should help you narrow down the right frame size for you based on where you are likely to have your saddle positioned. 

3) Finally, if you already have another bike and are happy with the saddle height, check that it falls within the range of BB to Saddle height indicated on the chart below. 

If you are confident with the sizing or want to find out a bit more about the specific geometry of our bikes (and the secrets behind what makes them handle so well)  you can also use the geometry table below to compare against other bike models on the market. 

Our geometry ethos has strong ties with the off road cycle segments, and you will find that our generous frame sizing and relaxed head angle will provide both stability and confidence when riding off road. 

We have adjusted the seated riding position to accommodate the more dynamic positions that you will most likely encounter when riding off road, and have tried to balance the wheelbase to ensure that you will always have maximum grip with your central weight distribution. 

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