From the adventures on our doorsteps to the multi-day epics we dream about far from home, gravel bikes have opened the doors to a world of fun and exploration on two wheels.

Stumbling head first into the world of gravel bikes after several failed attempts trying to get excited about road bikes, I became immediately hooked. Juggling the demands of a busy career in the bike industry with growing family commitments meant finding the time to get out and ride all the more difficult, but having a gravel bike changed everything.

The rides closer to home that I’d previously discounted as ‘not much fun’ on my mountain bike all of a sudden became challenging and immensely rewarding. From quick rips through local woodland to longer rides exploring more of my native Northern Ireland, family in tow and taking in the sights, smells and local cuisine along the way.

As a bicycle engineer by trade, I couldn’t help but notice that the market was saturated with similar bikes, most of which didn’t offer the things I wanted. Upon discovering the extent at which gravel bikes were open to interpretation thanks to their appeal and functionality I began a three-year journey that would lead me to the creation of Fustle.

From our radical approach to frame geometry to creating an online buying experience that allows our customers to build the bike they want without compromising on spec. Removing the hassle of purchasing additional components to complete the bike of your dreams, Fustle’s online bike builder ensures you get the bike you want first time around.

From the outset, my goal for Fustle has remained steadfast in that I want to empower our customers with bicycles that allow them to ride where they want and how they want. The freedom to explore is at the heart of what we do and the stories we create along the way only enhance these experiences further -- Alastair Beckett, director.