Fustle X Donard Collaboration.

Have you always wanted to build your own bike frame?


Fustle bikes is a Northern Ireland based cycling brand, with a history in bicycle design and an appetite for unique and confidence inspiring off road bikes. We decided that we wanted to add a steel version of our award winning Causeway frame and that it would be great to partner with some other local talent right here in Northern Ireland in the form of Owen Byrne from Donard Bikes.

In the first part of the story, company Director Alastair Beckett talks us through the desire to step away from Computer Aided Design and into the world of hand crafted bicycle frames, and introduces us to Owen from Donard bikes who creates hand made bespoke custom bike frames in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. It was great to get hands on with the Reynolds and Columbus tubing along with dropouts from Bear Frame Supplies.

We will be releasing these bikes as a limited batch on a first come first served basis, and all enquiries should be submitted to us via email to hello@ridefustle.com

Stay tuned for the 2nd episode where we finish the frame, and discuss paint and assembly to take this box of steel tubes and turn it into a finished masterpiece.

For more information about the Causeway Frame: https://www.ridefustle.com/

You can check out our current bikes here: https://www.ridefustle.com/collection...

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For more information about Donard: https://www.donard.cc/

The video was produced by Neil McTeggart, who is a Strength Coach with a passion for story telling. He helps keep team Fustle fit and healthy and capable of enjoying every mile on our bikes. https://www.neilmct.com/

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