Taking the Fuss out of buying a new bike

Frustrated at the lack of choice when searching for our sons first bike, I did the only thing I knew how to, and got one produced to the specification that I wanted. 

That got me thinking... 

Why don't I produce bikes for everyone and leave the spec selection up to the customer?


How it all started...

Cycling is a huge part of my family life. I made a career out of bicycle design, met my wife through cycling, and spend every waking minute thinking about 2 wheels.

With the growing demands of family life, I grew tired of all the Fuss and Hassle of gearing up and driving across the country to ride my mountain bike. I needed something simple that I could ride anywhere, with anyone, in any weather.

In 2016, I found gravel bikes, and fell in love with cycling all over again.

Custom Build Bicycles

What makes us different?