Every one of our frames is rigorously tested, both in factory/workshop, to the trails! All our frames are tested and conform to ISO 4210 standards. Our frames will also undergo Quality Control checks in both factory and workshop, taking the utmost care before dispatch.

If the worst has happened and something has gone wrong with your frame, don't panic we have you covered! We provide 3 years of warranty on our frames from date of purchase against manufacturing defaults on brand new bicycle orders. A 1 year warranty is provided on any sample or ex-demo products that are made available for sale and have been sold through a registered FUSTLE dealership. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser. In order to receive your replacement we must first receive your damaged one for assessment.

What does my warranty cover?

  • Frame issues due to manufacturing fault
  • Damaged unopened goods upon arrival
  • Damage that has occured due to a manufacturing defect.

The warranty will not cover:

  • Everyday wear and tear (Gear cables outer and inner, frame bearings)
  • Failure due to corrosion, external or internal due to negligence or improper maintenance, or age. (+5 years) (5 year warranty on frame and forks against manufacturing faults)
  • Damage due to poor maintenance
  • Defects, failures, or malfunctions that result from abuse, misuse, alteration, modification, removal of the original paint for refurbishment, accident
  • Neglect (cable rub on paint, chips to chainstay)

Your warranty will be invalidated by:

  • Installation of parts or accessories that aren't originally intended for or compatible with the frame as sold.
  • Improper installation of components
  • The application of any non-approved adhesive frame protectors
  • Any non standard paint/frame treatments i.e repainting of the frame or components, stripping or polishing.

Five Year Crash Replacement Scheme.

So unfortunately, we all crash from time to time, it happens. But worry not, we've got you covered! All our frames are covered for five years from the original purchase date in the event of accidental damage. See below the discounted rate that will be offered:

  • First Year:          50% of RRP
  • Second Year :      40% of RRP
  • Third Year:         30% of RRP
  • Fourth Year:        20% of RRP
  • Fifth Year:           10% of RRP

This discount applies to frame and fork only. If your frame is not available at the time you will be offered the current equivalent.

We at FUSTLE reserve the right to refuse Warranty on Bicycles, Frames or components that have been used outside of their intended riding conditions.

This warranty will exclude FUSTLE bicycles, frames that have been used for competition use. I.e Cyclocross, cross country, time trial, reward or rental. Fustle shall not be held responsible for any consequential or incidental damages that occur.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable.